What is the OIS Learning Hub?

The OIS Learning Hub is a centre of professional learning for OIS Educators and the wider OIS Learning Community. Through the OIS Learning Hub our highly skilled and experienced instructors can deliver a wide-range of in house training for our staff, local community and the wider educator network. We host expert guest speakers from around the world, city/regional wide training events by vendors such Managebac, Toddle and international training providers.

At OIS we believe professional learning should be job-embedded and relevant, happens in collaborative cultures and impacts what and how students learn. That learning is an ongoing process that builds on prior experiences, transforms understanding and develops skills; happens when we are engaged, challenged and are reflecting throughout the process; happens through inquiry; can be an independent and collaborative process; happens when are empowered and inspired to make a difference in our world and beyond; happens when we are engaged, challenged and are reflecting throughout the process.

Our Guiding principles:

  • Shared purpose - a shared belief that they can achieve more together
  • Focus on the learning and achievement of students
  • Collaborative teamwork organized around collaborative problem-solving
  • Sharing leadership and responsibility for student learning
  • Safe to take risks and make mistakes - it is even expected as part of the process.
Guest Speakers
Online Courses

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